GMYT Foundation is a non-governmental organization set aside to
help men and women to become independent through fashion and it
is committed to economic empowerment of men and men. Over the
years, we have been able to conduct free entrepreneurial sessions,
seminars and workshops for men and women on fashion design with
scholarships worth over 200 million naira and have also empowered
over 300 men and women with an Industrial Sewing Machine each
through the GMYT foundation.
GMYT Foundation has graduated hundreds of men and women that
are now skilled in the business world of fashion. These beneficiaries are
all making significant strides in the fashion scenes and now own their
respective brands in the fashion sector such as Ready to wear brands,
Bespoke, Bridals, Boutiques/Retailing etc.
Gmyt Foundation has another initiative which is the GMYT SME support scheme that encourages men and women with brilliant ideas who are struggling with their businesses of which the foundation has supported this movement with millions of naira.
GMYT Fashion Academy is focused on creating the next generation of entrepreneurs through skill acquisition in Fashion and its business knowledge.
Our aim is to create solutions by creating job opportunities for millions of women/youth around the world via the skills and knowledge acquired at the Academy.
To go beyond ordinary and encourage extra ordinary Initiative/talent. We are proud to be a world-class fashion school. We are proud to be different. We are proud to be we embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us with great courage, integrity and love can flourish as a community . Gmyt Fashion Academy where we fuel fresh perspectives and have changed the fashion world.