Gmyt African Humanitarian Awards (Gahawards) is presented to honor individuals and organizations in various fields whose exemplary efforts have significantly improved the lives of others and consistently contributed in promoting a culture of Peace and humanitarian services.

Gahawards is also a sister arm of Gmyt Foundation a non governmental organization through which over a thousand candidates have been empowered with sewing machines, startup funds and also awarded scholarships through Gmyt Fashion Academy for over a decade now.


GAHAWARDS objective is to promote and celebrate the excellent achievements to which NGOs, personalities and organization contribute towards building a sustainable economy through their humanitarian activities.


Gahawards aims to create a world of hope, positive influence, social justice and where the vicious cycle of poverty is broken so as to restore hope for a better future.


*Love And Unity
*Exemplary Leadership
*Positive Social Transformation
*Social Welfare
*Humanitarian Service
*Economic Advancement
*Community And Industrial Development

The Policy That Governs GMYT African Humanitarian Award Processes

The advisory Board of GMYT African Humanitarian Award Formulated this policy to organize and maintain effective programs to encourage entrepreneurs and Corporate organizations.

The GMYT African Humanitarian Award nominee/recipient gets notified in writing. Our notification process includes both qualitative and quantitative measures to demonstrate the needs upon which the award is being given to the nominee/recipient.

With the Live broadcast Of the GMYT African Humanitarian Award, the Advisory Board Of GMYT African Humanitarian Award Screening Committee holds the exclusive right to nominate and confer the GMYT African Humanitarian Award on Individuals, Business Executives, Heads of Government Agencies, and Corporate Organizations who are deemed qualify based on Precedents.

The Advisory Board of GMYT African Humanitarian Award Screening Committee has the exclusive right to withdraw an award given to any recipient if the concerned beneficiary awardee defaults the terms of Conferment in relation to honesty, integrity, and absence of sense of responsibility as claimed.

GMYT African Humanitarian Award Is Designed To:

  • Ensure that recognition is based on individuals/organizations contributions to community development and Nation building.
  • Ensure that excellent individuals with selfless contributions that promotes entrepreneurship spirit, in Africa is adequately rewarded.
  • Be a platform used to recognize and reward individuals, Entrepreneurs, and corporate entities for their contributions to the economic development of the Nation.
  • Create an avenue to motivate aspiring Entrepreneurs and corporate organizations to do more in contributing their quota to the economic growth of Nigeria.
  • Ensure that the Award Nominees/Recipients are recognized strictly based on merit and they are absolutely free from discrimination regardless of religion, age, gender, ethnicity, geo-political Zone, political affiliation, or disability 

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