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Happy Birthday to God’s Servant Bishop David Oyedepo!

This servant of God was born on 27 September 1954 in Osogbo, Osun state in Nigeria. David Oyedepo’s family was strict. As is known his dad Ibrahim practiced the Islam faith. However, David’s mom by the name of Dorcas was a Christian lady. Also, she had a place in the Eternal Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement.

As per him, he got an order from God through an 18-hour vision in May 1981, to free the world from all persecution of the fiend through the proclaiming of the expression of faith. This is the debut vision that prompted the establishment of the Living Faith Church World Wide (LFCWW), first called Liberation Faith Hour Ministries, in 1981.

The Bishop of the Winner’s Chapel has in a real sense many vehicles available to him every minute of every day. This is expected mostly to the affinity of chapel individuals to give vehicles namelessly to the congregation. From these vehicles, appropriate vehicles are added to Bishop Oyedepo’s own armada.

In a huge foundation occasion that occurred in 2013, it is accounted for that there were 700 vehicles given to the congregation. The vehicles were costly models of Toyota, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and even outlandish vehicles. David Oyedepo’s carports are generally renewed after such occasions. In another huge gift in 2014, the congregation got many SUVs. Among those vehicles, some Toyota Land Cruiser Prado models turned out to be essential for the individual armada of the directing cleric.

We celebrate God’s favor and faithfulness upon your life. There is no doubt that the hand of God is upon you. We pray for fresh grace and strength as you continue to run your apppointed race, in Jesus name! Congratulations sir.

From all of us at Gahawards.

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